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Friend or thief? Or Im a friend of thief?

Thinking back bout a thief that came into my room n stole my phone, I finally know who you are. Guess who? One of my so-called FRIENDS. Oh-Aim-Gee! It looks like we have a backstabber here among us. Well, I noticed that before but I never thought that he/she would steal from his/her own friend. Well it happened anyway..

I dont know what shall I call U now, friend or foe? Dont worry dude, I wont tell anyone who U are. U know urself better right? So, make this as ur last reminder, dont steal ur friends’ stuff. I know we all need money, but it seems like U need more than I do. Y dont U rob a bank or try snatching instead?

Ok enough BS-ing. You know who U are, so, don’t think that I dont give a F*** to thieves. So, keep acting normal so that other people wont notice that ur a thief. BTW, YOU SUCK!


GGGE 2153


Starting from this week (last week maybe?), we are assigned to write weekly reflection in our blog. So this is my first reflection. I dont know what to write but I will keep this blog updated with my reflections and assignments’ progress.

KIY adalah kolej kediaman yg terbaik di UKM kerana …. (tidak lebih dari 15 patah perkataan)

1. Bekalan air yang sentiasa cukup hingga menyebabkan penghuni KIY digeruni kerana berbau ralph lauren

2. Memecat pakcik kafe yg berkebolehan dan berwibawa

Pakcik kafe KIY yg mesra dengan panggilan "uncle"


Fakta menarik tentang KIY sekarang (16.1.11)

Setiap kolej kediaman kini mempunyai premis Secret Recipe sendiri (terhad kepada 3 buah) yang penuh dengan aroma yang menyelerakan

Kek resipi rahsia yang semakin mendapat permintaan ramai

Let’s get started!

This blog is set up for assignment purposes only, so take note. I appreciate and welcome everybody’s comments and feedback.

Im still new and struggling with these stuffs; do feel free to guide me yea?

p/s: Its kinda hard for me to start blogging

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